Melaka River Walk at Night

Melaka River Walk at Night
Melaka River Walk at Night

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Melaka River used to look like this before her transformation. The river was used as a big sewage which you can see laterines overhanging the river. It formed the sewage for the disposal of human faeces, rubbish and unwanted items. It was in the 1990's that Melaka River began her transformation.

The works were carried out in Phases and it took about 10 years to complete. The river bank was strengthened and a new sewage system was installed to prevent human wastes to be discharged into the Melaka River.

The whole Melaka River was upgraded including the building of a river mouth barrage system. The barrage will control the level of the Melaka River and prevent the Melaka Straits to discharge muddy salt water into the river. The barrage will be lowered to discharge the fresh water into the sea at certain intervals. By doing so, the Melaka River level was regulated. Now, the Melaka River Cruises can be used to ferry visitors to see the whole length of Melaka River.

To date, the whole length of the Melaka River Walk is about 8 km each way. The public can enjoy the rejunevated Melaka River.

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