Melaka River Walk at Night

Melaka River Walk at Night
Melaka River Walk at Night

Sunday, October 27, 2013

UPDATE ON OLPC BaseCamp@MALACCA on 16th. to 18th. November 2013

We have 29 names as registered attendees so far. If you have not registered at Eventbrite please do so. This will help update our central database. I have another 25+ names from Prince Babansala Ramzy with his contingent. If everybody is really coming we should have at least 50 people for Day 1 & 2.

The people who are coming are from various parts of the world: Indonesia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, USA, UK, Canada, Austria, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Ghana, Somalia + African countries.

Again you all made this possible   and the spirit of Voluntarism!

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  1. The hub of this basecamp is at Wayfarer Hotel along the Melaka River bank.